Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marx Unverdorben 16th Century Lute - Report on My Examination

This is a 16th century lute by Marx Unverdorben in the instrument collection of Harvard University. I became fascinated with him years ago when I saw an article in the Lute Society of America Journal that included one of his lutes. To me, he is somewhat mysterious . Little is recorded about his life and although there are nine surviving lutes by him few modern makers build models. I made two trips to Harvard to study this lute and I have just posted the result of my research on my website's project page. http://www.schreinerlutes.com/projects.html

Also you can see a story and detailed photos of a model of this lute that I recently finished on my website. http://www.schreinerlutes.com/PicPage4.html

My next post will be about constructing the extension for the Kaiser theorbo.

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